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Matthew Weinreb is a multi-award winning, internationally renowned photographer specialising in architecture and landscape.

He first decided to become a photographer in 1981 whilst living in New York and working in the Cityana photographic gallery, a specialist exhibitor of images of Manhattan. Inspired by the photographs, architecture and play of light around him, he set out with his camera to capture the essence of the city’s buildings. He has never looked back.

He was the first winner of the European award of Architectural Photographer of the year and has won many awards since.

He has published nine internationally acclaimed books on London, Paris, Moorish architecture in Spain and Portugal and his most recent volume on the Gers in SW France has just been released. Matthew won the praise of the critics for his duo of books from Phaidon ‘London, Portrait of a City’ and ‘Metropolitain, a Portrait of Paris.’ This from the New York Times… “Mr Weinreb gives us a Paris that fairly crackles with formal energy” “nowhere is there faking, fudging or approximation” “a mastery of placing and distance and a gift for cropping and tailoring.”

Matthew’s images feature across the web and one of his panoramic images of King’s Cross station in London has been viewed 3 million times on Google earth.

Matthew photographs for many of the world’s significant architects, magazines and advertising agencies.


• London Architects’ Houses   Butterworth

• London Architecture   Phaidon

• Metropolitain, A portrait of Paris   Phaidon

• The Synagogue   Phaidon

• The Fires of Excellence (Moorish architecture in Spain and Portugal)   Garnet

• London Lofts  Tectum

• The Loft Bible  Tectum

• The London Encylopaedia  Macmillan

• En Pays de Gascogne  Rouergue

Matthew Weinreb est un photographe de renommée internationale spécialisé dans l’architecture et le paysage.

Il a d’abord décidé de devenir photographe en 1981 alors qu’il vivait à New York et travaillait dans la galerie photographique Cityana, un exposant et spécialiste des images de Manhattan. Inspiré par les photographies, l’architecture et les jeux de lumière autour de lui, il partit avec son appareil photo pour capter l’essence des bâtiments de la ville. Il n’a jamais regardé en arrière.

Matthew a été le premier lauréat du Prix européen d’architecture des Photographies de l’année, et a remporté trois récompenses au Prix du patrimoine mondial de photographie de l’UNESCO. Il continue de remporter des prix et ses images sont publiées au niveau international.

Il réalise des photographies pour les architectes, les designers et les agences de publicité les plus respectés du monde entier.

Matthew is also an award-winning location wedding photographer

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